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Edubull Digital School

Digital school a complete program with the vision to blend technology into the school education system

Edubull Digital School is a complete program with the vision to blend technology into the school education system. We have the world-class ready to use content for KG-12 that incorporates scholastic, life skills, soft skills, computer skills, communication skills,vocational skills, based multimedia lectures, activities, notes, eBook, exams, sample papers, solutions. It has already been implemented in around 15 premier schools. Around 75000+ students have benefitted from the same. We have also been recognized with the ‘Shiksha Ratan Award’.

School Enrolling Benefits:

  • Technological
  • Educational
  • Monitoring

Edubull Digital School Provides

Smart Class

Unlimited Smart Class along with Curriculum based Best Content Library for Class KG to 12th.

Mobile App for School

Learning APP & Online Learning for each Students.

ASL based Language Lab

Spoken English program to improve the communicative English, German and French Skill.

Smart Class

The complete solution to your quest for a complete future classroom solution

Cover All subjects, Around 27000+ Topics video’s, 10000+ Game-based learning activities.
Interactive Multimedia Content For Class KG to 12th for All Subjects.
Cover All subjects, Around 1000+ Topics, 250000 chapter/lesson wise questions, Assessment Centre, 500+ activities.


Therapy based, scientifically designed, intensive language skills program for enhance their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills and communicate fluently in day to day communication.

The program comprises of 28 modules that runs throughout the year. Every student has to pursue one module within a week.
Within this program a Language Lab will be set up in the institution’s premises. The language lab platform gives students the flexibility to practice the exercises as many number of times required in gaining perfection.
A separate platform deployed, the ASL, will acquaint the students with the techniques required to perform in the final ASL assessments. This’ll facilitate the students in delivering their best during their ASL assessment.
Performing students will get a certificate as an appreciation for their sincere efforts and hard work.

Mobile App for School

Smartest way to working on smart phone and tabs

Student can get interactive content and exams on mobile phone or tab, all lesson videos are mapped to the curriculum to ensure complete preparation
Login for students and parents.
  • Scholastic
  • Life Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Vocational Skills
Actionable data points that will show both strong and weak areas to identify areas for improvement and assessment, to ensure you save time and perform even better.
Continue from where you stopped whenever you feel like. Compatibility on mobile devices gives you the liberty to revise the multimedia lectures and activities on the go, thereby, helping you to utilise your travel or leisure time.

Some facts about us

We are proud of these numbers


More than 1000 Satisfied Schools

21st Century Education is all about student centered personalized learning. The life long learning tool has provided the students the ease of accessing learning anytime and anywhere from any device. Children find the studies more interesting now. They are also happy haring the videos and lectures.

Mrs. Rachna Pandit
Mrs. Rachna Pandit, Principal
DPS Marutikunj, Gurgaon

One of my student reported to me that her mother is learning English communication through sky learning so that she can communicate in English with teachers. She said that her Elder sister who is an Engineering student takes the lectures online. I feel that it is a great family learning tool.

Mr. L V Sehgal
Mr. L V Sehgal, Principal
Bal Bharati Gangaram, New Delhi

I think the most powerful tool of life long learning is the learning booster and Gap analyser. This fits appropriately as a device which diagnoses learning gaps and provides students with the rededication not only of the present class but also of the gaps remaining in the previous classes.

Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia
Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia, Principal
KIIT World School, New Delhi

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